Former Phoenix Sun staffer furious over Robert Sarver suspension

After over a year of waiting on Robert Sarver to get suspended by the NBA due to some of his comments, actions, and many other gross things, the NBA has finally reached a decision on what is going to happen with him in the future. The NBA announced on Tuesday that he is going to be suspended for one year in both the WNBA as he is the owner of the Phoenix Mercury and the NBA with the Phoenix Suns.

With some of the findings that the NBA found, it’s somewhat questionable how he only got one year. He gave some of his comments to ESPN recently and made it seem like he doesn’t agree with the suspension that he was given.

Sarver said the following, according to ESPN.

“While I disagree with some of the particulars of the NBA’s report, I would like to apologize for my words and actions that offended our employees,” Sarver said in a statement through the Suns. “I take full responsibility for what I have done. I am sorry for causing this pain, and these errors in judgment are not consistent with my personal philosophy or my values.

A former Phoenix Sun staff member isn’t happy with the weak punishment, and they’re absolutely correct about that.

“It’s barely a slap on the wrist and shows us the league truly doesn’t stand for diversity, equity or inclusion,” a former staffer who spoke to ESPN for the initial 2021 story told ESPN. “I’m grateful to have the validation after being told I was insane, a b—- and being dramatic. That definitely lets me breathe a little.

“But I’m angry. The league failed us when they had the opportunity to stand behind its values.”

The former Phoenix Suns staff member is totally accurate in feeling the way that he or she does. The person is anonymous at the moment, so we aren’t sure if they are a female or a male.

With some of the things that were said by Robert Sarver, they have every right to feel the way that they do. He should have got a longer suspension and it’s somewhat questionable why the NBA didn’t recognize this and give him the suspension that he clearly deserved after all of the findings. We aren’t too sure what the NBA can exactly do, but this punishment seems a bit too light.

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