Celtics PRIDE podcast: remembering Bill Russell

After an offseason hiatus, the Celtics PRIDE team is back to discuss all of the offseason items that mean far less than they seem. After trying to avoid the Durant rumors as much as possible, Adam, Josh and Mike review the recent scuttlebutt and give their thoughts on Durant, the risks involved in bringing him to any organization and the potential packages the Celtics could ship out.

Then they switch gears from a player who puts himself first to a guy who had a “team ego.” Josh compiled some of the most impressive statistics about Bill Russell and plays a game to identify which one is most impressive. Is it his blocked shots, minutes per game, number of rings, his record in must win games or MVPs?

The podcast then turns to training camp contracts for Noah Vonleh and Bruno Caboclo and the Celtics’ attempts to find a big man who can be a legitimate backup to Al Horford and Rob Williams. Coach Josh has some inside scouting knowledge on Vonleh going back to Vonleh’s high school playing days and has more optimism on Caboclo than any reasonable human should at this point.

The PRIDE guys then look at the Celtics’ preseason schedule in October. Before ending, Mike and Josh tease a long rumored segment from Josh… a ranking on the NBA coaches most likely to win in a fight.

That and more on this week’s episode of Celtics PRIDE.

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About Celtics PRIDE Podcast: Co-Hosts Adam Motenko, his identical twin brother Josh Motenko, and their friend Mike Minkoff couldn’t stop talking about the team. Now they supply your need for Boston Celtics content with their regular podcast on CelticsBlog.

They will talk nerdy to you, dissect the players on and off the court, and bicker like only opinionated New Englanders can. It’s like if CelticsBlog made a BasketballJones / Dunc’dOn lovechild.

You will get the coach’s perspective, the capologist’s view, and a healthy dose of advanced and traditional stats that breakdown everything that happened and could happen with the #1 dynasty in the NBA. If you often find yourself reminiscing about the players you grew up watching, or you just need reminders about what “being a Celtic” means to you, this is the podcast for you. This is Celtics PRIDE!

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