Trey Murphy III: Jordan Hawkins and I are one of the NBA’s best shooting duos

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New Orleans Pelicans forward Trey Murphy III praised Jordan Hawkins’ shooting ability after last week’s 121-106 home win vs. the San Antonio Spurs.

(via New Orleans Pelicans):

Reporter: “Your first time playing with Hawkins. Those few minutes, what did you see? More space? What’d you think about just getting on the floor and getting to actually play with him for the first time?”

Murphy: “It’s great because a lot of times I’ll tell him like, ‘Look, get in the action.’ Just to get guys off of me, get the attention off of me when it comes to shooting, because he pulls that gravity. There’s a three he shot in the first half and I didn’t call for one more, and I told him like, ‘You should be really honored because I call for one more on everybody, so I saw you had the ball, and I know was like, you know what, shoot the ball.’ I really trust his shot, he shoots with the best of them, man. I really think we’re one of the best shooting duos in the entire league.”

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