Must C’s: Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics puts Mo Bamba on a poster

The Celtics had a reasonably comfortable lead against the Orlando Magic, but Boston gave up a few buckets and it felt like they needed some kind of spark. Well, Jaylen Brown brought more than a spark. He lit a blowtorch to the Magic and Mo Bamba in particular with this play.

When asked about it post-game, Brown was low key as usual.

Ho hum, no big deal. Just an everyday, casual, walk in the park with your eyes closed I guess.

Jaylen Brown said the Celtics are “taking it one game at a time. Finding some continuity and consistency. We had some adversity, but we’re just taking it one game at a time.”

In other dunking news, Payton Pritchard recorded his first career dunk. Which had to be a lot of fun for the young man.

The Celtics are winners of 5 straight games and that’s reason enough to celebrate these fun little moments.

The vibes (as the kids say) are immaculate.

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