Jayson Tatum Roasted For Wildly Unpopular Take on In-Season Tournament

Jayson Tatum may soon get cancelled by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for his take on the In-Season Tournament, which has sparked a roasting from NBA fans.

Seems as though Tatum is feeling salty after the Celtics’ 113-96 loss to the Magic during Friday’s In-Season slate, where Orlando blew out the score late in the contest.

“The point differential thing, I’m not the biggest fan of it because there were certain instances, I guess last Friday, where the game is already over and guys are still trying to score,” Tatum told reporters after Sunday’s regular-season win over the Hawks.

“It’s all about respecting the game and respecting your opponents so that part I’m really not a fan of because if you were on the opposite end of that you would feel some kind of way. So I understand. So just try to win the game however we can.”

Boston now needs to win and get help from other teams to have any chance at advancing to the In-Season quarterfinals after dropping to 2-1 in pool play since the loss.

Many NBA fans on X were quick to counter Tatum’s argument’s surrounding the In-Season Tournament.

Some of the best reactions to his comments are below.


Despite the criticisms, Tatum also looked for the positives and said how he enjoys the competition of the In-Season Tournament.

“It’s cool,” Tatum told reporters. “I know that the fans enjoy the court. The court is cool. The different courts that each home team has. I know Tuesday is complicated. There’s a million things that can happen so that sh*t is a little tricky but I think it’s been great. It gives guys something to look forward to early in the season.”

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