Jay Williams says Steve Nash could be fired early in the season

Jay Williams of ESPN spoke about how Steve Nash, head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, could possibly be fired early in the season. Williams noted how Steve Nash is likely on the hot seat right now and might be the coach with the most pressure coming into the 2022 NBA season.

Jay Williams Calls On Steve Nash

On ESPN, Jay Williams had the following to say about Steve Nash:

“Steve Nash is on the hot, hot, hot seat. As a matter of fact because it was only a week and a half ago, two weeks ago that Kevin Durant gave Joe Tsai an ultimatum by saying ‘Hey look, I’ll come back if Steve Nash and Sean Marks are not here.’

“But now Steve Nash being there what position does that put him in? And the accountability that you need Steve Nash to hold. I still do not think that Steve Nash is the answer. I do not think that. I think Mark Jackson could be the answer.

“You need somebody to keep Kyrie, KD and Ben Simmons who we have not even spoken about yet coming off a season where he did not play and was reluctant to shoot the ball, coming off a season with the 76ers where he said ‘I have mental challenges.’

“I do not believe that Steve Nash who is a great person, a Hall of Fame basketball player, has a very high basketball IQ. I do believe that he lacks an experience to help those three work collectively together.”

Will Steve Nash Be Fired This Season?

If the Brooklyn Nets team doesn’t find the type of success that they clearly can, there is a great chance that Steve Nash is going to be fired. He’s one of the best players that ever played this game, but it doesn’t seem like he can get to his guys on the court in terms of coaching and that’s a major issue for this Brooklyn team.

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