Celtics PRIDE podcast: appreciating Jaylen Brown, games lost to COVID protocols, and making sense of the homestand so far

Adam and Mike are joined by Bobby Manning (CelticsBlog, CLNS Media, and Boston Sports Journal) to take stock of the team at the start of 2022, trying to make sense of a team whose last 4 games involved:

  • a horrific loss to a G-League version of the Timberwolves
  • a 4-for-42 showing from deep against the Clippers
  • a wire-to-wire victory against the Suns who just happen to be a top-2 or 3 team in the league
  • a by-the-skin-of-their-teeth win against a normally hapless Magic team that was also without key players

In short, what exactly *is* this Celtics team?

The guys begin by exploring just how relevant it is that the Celtics have lost more games to COVID over the last calendar year than just about every other team and wondering whether the Jays are too ball dominant – and if the solution is simply putting more ‘connectors’ on the roster.

They also examine whether or not effort or focus have been – and/or remain – primary issues facing the team this season, and how much blame Ime Udoka and Brad Stevens should shoulder for development of young players (or lack thereof).

Additionally, Adam, Mike, and Bobby talk about when – if ever – the Celtics might need to explore trading Jaylen Brown, and the circumstances that would have to come about to help the front office make that type of monumental decision. But don’t worry Celtics fans – nobody wants to trade Jaylen now!

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Hosts: Adam Motenko, Josh Motenko (@coachmotenko) and Mike Minkoff (@mikeminkoffnba)

Email: at [email protected]

About Celtics PRIDE Podcast: Co-Hosts Adam Motenko, his identical twin brother Josh Motenko, and their friend Mike Minkoff couldn’t stop talking about the team. Now they supply your need for Boston Celtics content with their regular podcast on CelticsBlog.

They will talk nerdy to you, dissect the players on and off the court, and bicker like only opinionated New Englanders can. It’s like if CelticsBlog made a BasketballJones / Dunc’dOn lovechild.

You will get the coach’s perspective, the capologist’s view, and a healthy dose of advanced and traditional stats that breakdown everything that happened and could happen with the #1 dynasty in the NBA. If you often find yourself reminiscing about the players you grew up watching, or you just need reminders about what “being a Celtic” means to you, this is the podcast for you. This is Celtics PRIDE!

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