Boston Celtics’ Tacko Fall meets John Cena at WWE SmackDown and hilariously towers over him

John Cena isn’t exactly small. In fact, by normal human standards, he is quite large. While his 6-foot height puts him in roughly the 84th percentile among American men, he has such an overwhelming amount of muscle that he’ll look big next to almost anybody. The word worth emphasizing there is “almost.”

Enter Tacko Fall. At 7-5, he is not only the tallest player in the NBA, but he also is tied for the sixth-tallest player in NBA history. Fall is so big that Aaron Gordon pulled him out of the stands as an emergency prop in the Slam Dunk Contest purely because of the novelty of his height. He towers over the giants that populate NBA games. Anyone described by the words “normal human standards” doesn’t stand a chance. 

And sure enough, Cena fell victim to Fall’s preposterous height on Friday. WWE SmackDown was in Boston on Friday, and Fall decided to take in the show. Cena met him there, and one of the most famous wrestlers in the world needed to look up to the Boston Celtics rookie as if he were a skyscraper. 

The number of people on this planet that can make Cena look like a child is short. Fall is at the top of it. Who knows? If this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out, perhaps Fall has a future as wrestling’s next giant. Andre the Giant once wrestled at 7-4. Maybe Fall could make him look small by comparison as well. 

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