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Aleksis Gedrovics

Aleksis Gedrovics

Forward Rudolfs Pastors (195-F) had an amazing evening in the last round for second-ranked Riga/Pard. 2 and receives a Hoops Agents Player of the Week award for round 11.
He had a double-double of 43 points and 12 rebounds, while his team lost the game against the league’s best team Riga/BJBS (#1, 9-0) 81-99. Riga/Pard. 2 maintains the 2nd position in their group in Latvian league. They would have been even better if they did not have these two lost games earlier in Regular Season. Riga/Pard. 2 will need to avoid more loses keep or improve their 4-2 record. In the team’s last game Pastors had a remarkable 76.2% from 2-point range and got three three-pointers out of 6 attempts. He turned to be Riga/Pard. 2’s top player in his first season with the team. Pastors has impressive league stats. He is in league’s top in points (6th best: 22.5ppg), rebounds (7th best: 9.3rpg), assists (9th best: 4.0apg) and averages solid 5.0spg and 59.8% FGP.

Second best performed player last round was Renars Simpermanis (203-G-03) of league’s second-best Valka. He is a guard in his first season at Valka. In the last game Simpermanis recorded impressive double-double of 30 points and 12 rebounds. Of course he led Valka to another comfortable win outscoring slightly lower-ranked Gulbene (#4, 4-2) 87-60. It was definitely game of the week between two contenders to the top position in East. Valka consolidated its place in top 2 of the standings. His team lost just two games this season, while they won 8 matches. Simpermanis is a newcomer at Valka and quickly became one of team’s most reliable players. He belongs to the best scorers in the league with 23.2ppg (#4). He also registered 8.3 boards per game.

Third place about best performers goes to forward Markuss Rozentals (192-F-03) of league’s leader Riga/BJBS. Rozentals scored 25 points and passed seven assists. He was a key player of Riga/BJBS, leading his team to a 99-81 easy win against #2 ranked Riga/Pard. 2. Riga/BJBS have amazing season winning all 9 games without a single defeat in Center-West. Rozentals turns to be one of the very best players in the league while he is also a leader of the top team having his eyes on the championship title. Rozentals has a great season in Latvia. After only 5 games, he made it on the list of the league’s leaders in points with 27.4ppg (best scorer) and assists with 5.6apg (3rd best).

Other top performing players last week:
4. Niks Sefers (190-F-03) of Riga/BJBS – 26 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists
5. Daniels Kornis-Senfelds (193-G-03) of Valka – 23 points, 8 rebounds and 2 assists
6. Janis Bortnikovs (185-G-06) of Madona – 24 points and 7 rebounds
7. Aleksis Gedrovics (197-PF-03) of Bertanu – 26 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists
8. Nils Slakteris (194-F-04) of Bauska/Iecava-2 – 8 points, 12 rebounds and 2 assists
9. Henrijs Ozolins (186-F-03) of Bertanu – 15 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists
10. Gatis Dumbris) of Bauska/Iecava-2 – 22 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists

The Player of the week is selected based on efficiency calculation, but also including game result, importance of the game, if played recorded double-double/triple-double, etc.
The efficiency formula is a combination of various formulas used by different basketball organizations/leagues. We got involved many basketball scouts and journalists to assure it’s accuracy.
The formula: 1.5*PTS + 3* (REB+AST+ST+BL-TO) – 2*BSAG – 4*PF + 3*PFRV + 4* (2FGPM+3FGPM) + 1.5*FTM – 3* (2FGPA-2FGPM) – 3* (3FGPA-3FGPM) – (FTA-FTM)


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