Russell Westbrook Takes Subtle Shot at Lakers While Crediting Clippers

After a messy stint with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook is living his best life at the Clippers.

Despite a 123-109 Game 2 loss to the Suns today, Westbrook still finished the night with 28 points, five rebounds and five assists, just three points off fellow veteran and teammate Kawhi Leonard – who had the team-high (31).

He has also brought a noticeable energy shift to the Clippers side and despite shooting 3-19 from the field in Game 1 on Sunday, he led the side to an emphatic win.

Even when he is having a bad shooting night, Westbrook says he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder for a quick hook if his shots aren’t going in, like he’s had to do in the past at the Lakers.

“It’s amazing here for me,” Westbrook told B/R. “My whole career, I’m a guy that prides myself at doing everything on both sides of the floor. Every possession, I try to make winning plays. I’ve been in every position before. Just like with anyone else, when they have off nights, they may only do one thing. But for me, I pride myself on doing each and every thing every night, and I’m grateful that the Clippers allow me to do that.”

Clippers coach Ty Lue also said that Westbrook has become a vocal leader of the team, a role he hasn’t taken from anyone else, it just wasn’t occupied by any players before he arrived.

Lue was asked on Sunday after the game if he thought about benching Westbrook due to his poor shooting and his response tells you all you need to know: “No. I wasn’t thinking about that. He was too good for us defensively tonight.”

The Clippers will get a chance to take a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference playoffs series against the Suns this Thursday, April 20 at 10:30PM ET.

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