Paul George: A championship with the Clippers would 100% outweigh a championship with the Lakers

But with Paul George, things have never been quite that simple. He is undoubtedly a top-20 player that all 30 teams would want on their roster. He’s also a lightning rod for criticism. He’s too injury-prone. He disappears in the playoffs. He doesn’t carry himself the right way. George hears the noise, but he’s not so worried about all that anymore, he tells me. He’s a married father of three now. He’s got other things on his mind. He’s still hellbent on winning a title with the Clippers, sure, but he’s learned that his best chance to do is by letting go. “I’m a little bit lighter. I’m a little bit looser,” he says. “I’m a little bit more, I would say, present.” -via / February 15, 2023

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