Kyrie Irving: Load Management Narrative Has ‘Dehumanized Some Of Us’, ‘This Is A 24/7 Job’

Kyrie Irving was asked how he feels about the trend in the NBA for players to generally reduce the number of games they play in order to prevent or reduce injuries.

“I don’t know who created the term ‘load management’ or guys sitting out games or this narrative that continues to play on about star players or guys not being available,” said Irving. “I don’t know who started the narrative, but it’s completely run amok.

“I think it’s dehumanized some of us in terms of just the way we prepare ourselves day-to-day. This is a 24/7 job. We have cameras on us all the time. It’s a high-level, combative sport. It’s very aggressive.

“Nobody knows how anyone else’s body heals. The only person that knows is the person that is hurt or injured. We try our best to tell you guys what is going on, but you have doctors online telling everybody that he needs to be back in two weeks. You’ve got this person over here saying that he is not really hurt. He doesn’t want to play.

“So I think the narratives have run amok. But us as players, we really take pride in preparing ourselves at a very high level and performing not only for our families, but for the fans that support us. We’re nothing without our fans.

“I just think the narrative needs to change in terms of load management. Eighty-two games is a long season. I’m not saying we can’t do it. We’re in 2023. We have all the technology necessary. We have to use it wisely, and we have to be very communicative about what the plan is for everybody individually.

“Everybody’s body is different. So you may see somebody heal in two weeks, but it may take someone else a month and a half to heal. It’s just different.”

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