Kevin Pangos waived by Cleveland

Many European fans claim that it’s a crime for Kevin Pangos to be in the G League and on the bench of an NBA team during his prime years. What do you say to that? Kevin Pangos: I honestly don’t listen to it. But that’s their opinion. For me, playing at the highest level is something that everyone should aspire to do. And it’s no secret that the NBA has the best players in the world. Not taking anything away from European basketball, cause obviously I know how talentedpeople are there, but you don’t see guys like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and those type-level players overseas. So, for me, it’s an opportunity to challenge myself against the best players in the world. That’s what wakes me up in the morning; trying to continue to make myself the best player I can be and reach my full potential. -via HoopsHype / December 18, 2021

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