Kenyon Martin: LeBron James should’ve responded stronger to Ime Udoka calling Lakers b*tches

In a heated matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets, tensions flared as LeBron James engaged in a verbal altercation with Rockets head coach Ime Udoka, resulting in technical fouls and Udoka’s ejection.

The exchange, marked by strong language, saw Udoka provocatively challenging James, using explicit language that escalated the confrontation.

While James maintained composure, former NBA star Kenyon Martin believes he should have responded more assertively to Udoka’s taunts.

Martin, sharing his perspective on the incident, expressed the belief that James should have escalated the response, considering the coach’s use of offensive language.

Martin suggested that when someone resorts to name-calling, a stronger reaction could be warranted to address the disrespect.

“For a coach to have those things to say, I think Bron should’ve taken it a little further in that moment. You callin’ people b*tches out here, let’s see who your talkin’ about, dog?” Martin said on Gil’s Arena.

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