Kendrick Perkins says James Harden wants to play with Joel Embiid in Philadelphia next year


There are several rumors surrounding James Harden’s free agency ahead of the 2022 offseason. While, the Brooklyn Nets are still pretty much among the favorites to win the championship, Harden may want to move to another team this summer.

According to ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, Harden’s camp expressed the Nets’ superstar guard willingness to join Joel Embiid in Philadelphia next season.

“Something has to be said. I’m going to tell you straight up. This is real life. This is not rumors. No matter how much he may try to deny it.

Now, James Harden’s camp is telling people in Philly: We want to come play with Embiid next year. This ain’t no lie. This is facts.

I ain’t told anybody this s***. But this is happening in real life.”

Recent reports suggested that Harden is unhappy in Brooklyn due to the situation with Kyrie Irving and his part-time status. However, Nash claimed that Harden hasn’t complained and he seems to be happy alongside Kyrie and KD.

Harden is a bona fide star who could provide enough boost to help the 76ers to a title the next few years. An Embiid-Harden combo could be lethal.

However, Perkins could also just create hype around trade rumors, while things could change in the future if the Nets win the NBA title. All in all, the Sixers tried to acquire Harden from Houston last season, but, they came up short.

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