Kelly Oubre Jr. Calls Out His “Conspiracy Theorsists” After Hit-and-Run

Kelly Oubre Jr. is not happy with the people who questioned his account of what happened during a hit-and-run, which saw him end up hospital.

“This was and is a very traumatic situation for me and my family,” Oubre told reporters Monday. “So, I just wish that my life wasn’t like ‘The Truman Show’ where everybody kind of watched it and have their own opinion about my life.”

Oubre was having a good start to the season with his new team, before he was reportedly struck by a car walking home in Philadelphia’s city center on November 11.

He was taken to hospital after the accident and sustained a broken rib and injuries to his hip and right leg.

Questions started to be raised days later when a report from the Philadelphia Enquirer said that surveillance footage hadn’t yet uncovered any evidence of a crash taking place where Oubre said it did.

Oubre has since responded the doubters.

“This is very hard for us to have to deal with and for me to miss being on the court, which keeps me sane, and a lot of people were very inconsiderate and insensitive to try to worry about video cameras,” Oubre said while he declined to get into specifics. “So yeah, I mean, I’m just really blessed that it wasn’t worse than what it is and I’m able to come back to work and smile and walk and talk and breathe. So yeah, that’s just what I have to say about the conspiracy theorists.

“I love them, too. I sit there on my downtime and look at them, but not with my life. This sh*t serious.”

The 27-year-old is expected to feature in Wednesday’s lineup against the Wizards and Sixers coach, Nick Nurse, is keen to utilise the guard straight away.

“I’ll probably fire him right back in there,” Nurse said. “Let me see what it looks like getting to Wednesday…”

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