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What’s next for Felix Anudike-Uzomah after a sensational season where he collected 11 sacks. It could have been more if not for a rule change from the NCAA following his incredible performance against TCU.

He can still make improvement on some of the smaller details, according to his position coach. Buddy Wyatt shared how he has already come a lot further from a mental standpoint than last season.

Anudike-Uzomah’s knowledge of the game has grown in a considerable manner. He’s worked on it a lot throughout the offseason. He would even call and ask Coach Wyatt to make more cut-ups to watch during the Summer. That was something he wouldn’t have done a year ago.

That shows Wyatt how hungry that Anudike-Uzomah is to be great. He wants to be that good and works at it every day because of it. He’s always putting forth great effort in both practice and games.

The game versus Texas Tech is a great example. Wyatt indicated that the coaches often say that the two points he scored via a safety in Lubbock was what got them back on track a year ago and jump-started their season.

Felix just took it upon himself to make a play because he was pissed off that the Wildcats were losing. Kansas State was behind so he set out to make a play to change the course and did just that.

It is about correcting his technique even more and knowing what offenses are doing to him and how to adjust and respond based off of that. Knowing when to turn it loose and when to play to his technique will be a key component.

Wyatt knows everyone will be telling him how good he is and can be on a regular basis. The coach feels that it is his job to keep him humble and driven.

Felix Anudike-Uzomah (Kansas State Athletics)


Coach Wyatt couldn’t be more pleased with the depth that they have at defensive end.

He knows what they have with Anudike-Uzomah, Nate Matlack and even Jaylen Pickle. They also feel strongly about what they will receive from Brendan Mott and Cody Stufflebean.

Both are doing good things, and that doesn’t even take into account anything that they may have when Khalid Duke is on the field.

They’ll definitely be able to rush the passer effectively.

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Speaking of Khalid Duke, what can K-State expect? Wyatt did include him when speaking about the depth at the position, and brought up that they’ll have to see how he responds to injury.

That’s a peek behind the curtain that, as a coaching staff, they are uncertain about what kind of contribution to anticipate from the pass rusher that missed nearly all of last season after being injured versus Nevada.

Another component is just how he’ll be used in the 3-3-5 scheme. And Wyatt even noted that they are unsure about how they will deploy him once he is readily available.


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