Glen Davis blames Shaq for Boston’s 2010 Finals loss, even though he wasn’t on the team that year

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Former Celtic Glen Davis went on a short rant on All The Smoke about Shaq being the reason why Boston lost the 2010 NBA Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, there’s just one small problem with Davis’ story. O’Neal played for the Cleveland Cavaliers during that season, not the Celtics.

(Via All The Smoke):

“2010, he acted like his toe was hurt and he didn’t want to play against the Lakers. Yeah, ain’t nobody know that, though. How your toe keep you out the Finals? You can’t give us 10 minutes, man, with your toe? Your toe broke? Shaq didn’t play. Perk was hurt. And Shaq’s toe was messed up. I don’t know because I seen him swimming the next day in the pool. Paddling his feet and doing all that, toe raises. So Shaq, I’m on your a**! I remember! I still love you, though. But, you ain’t played against the Lakers when we was in that Finals. You think you slick.

“Perk got hurt. Shaq was on that team. He was in the locker room. He was like, ‘My bad, man. It’s my fault guys.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, you should have played, big MFer.’ Doc didn’t play young players. I played good Game 4. Me and Nate slide. But, Doc really goes with the veterans. So if we had Shaq, we would have got minutes out of him. Even if you’re hurt, it’s one game. Win you a ring, man.”

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