Draymond Green Voted NBA’s Top Trash Talker By Current Players

In a recent poll conducted by The Athletic, NBA players were asked to vote for the league’s biggest trash talker. The results revealed that Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green took the top spot for the second time, winning in both 2019 and this year.

Draymond Green Retains Biggest Trash Talker Title According to Current NBA Players

Draymond Green, known for his excellent defensive skills, is also a superb communicator on the court. However, defense isn’t the only thing he’s vocal about. With a 26.3% vote, players across the NBA agreed that Green is unmatched when it comes to talking trash according to an anonymous poll of current NBA players conducted by The Athletic.

Green was also voted first in the same poll the last time The Athletic ran it in 2019.

One rival player shared, “For sure, Draymond. If you’ve never seen it before, it’s unbelievable. Unfiltered broadcast of him talking? No, I don’t think you’d want that. I think it’s too much.”

Another player added, “I actually don’t mind his trash talk. I think it gets him going. Sometimes he’s doing it to get under guys’ skin, but it’s getting himself going. He’s playing well when he’s running his mouth, so I actually don’t mind it.”

Patrick Beverley, Devin Booker & Dillon Brooks Also Among Top Trash Talkers

In a close race for the title, Patrick Beverley finished as the runner-up with 25.2% of the votes. Other notable players who received multiple votes include Devin Booker, Joe Ingles, Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, and the young stars from the Memphis Grizzlies, referred to as “the Memphis kids.”

Dillon Brooks from the Memphis Grizzlies secured third place, receiving 14.1% of the votes. One player commented on the Grizzlies, saying, “They’re frontrunners. They’re just extra. They talk when they’re winning. They don’t say s**t when they’re losing. Their whole thing over there is just annoying.”

As trash talking remains an integral part of the NBA culture, it’s interesting to see players’ perspectives on the matter. While some view it as a nuisance, others find it motivational and see it as an essential aspect of the game. With 99 current NBA players participating in the poll, the results provide a unique insight into the league’s thoughts on the biggest trash talkers and how their peers perceive them.

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