Current NBA Players Reveal The Worst Fans and Arenas

In a recent poll by The Athletic, current NBA players were asked to identify the teams with the worst fans. The results might surprise you. The Charlotte Hornets topped the list, with 15.2% of players voting for them. It’s important to note that “worst” is a subjective term, and many players viewed it as a reflection of low attendance or lack of enthusiasm.

Charlotte Hornets Fans Voted Worst in NBA

There are a lot of hot takes on Twitter about which NBA teams have the worst fanbase, but according to the players in the league, it’s the Charlotte Hornets.

The Hornets’ Spectrum Center earned its undesirable reputation due to being only 90% full this season, making it one of the lowest attendance rates in the NBA. The Hornets’ 27-55 record and LaMelo Ball’s injuries might have contributed to fans losing interest in their season.

Charlotte Hornet’s empty Spectrum Center

Following the Hornets, the Detroit Pistons secured second place with 11.1% of the votes in The Athletic poll. One opposing player bluntly commented, “Nobody shows up.”

The Washington Wizards received 10.1% of the votes, landing them in third place, with a player describing the Capital One Arena as “dead.”

Boston Celtic’s Heckling Fans Voted as Fifth-Worst Fans in the NBA

Some players in the survey concentrated on fan behavior rather than attendance. The Boston Celtics’ TD Garden, known for having the best crowd, also ranked fifth for the worst fans with 8.6% of the votes.

“It’s a little bit of everything,” one anonymous NBA player said. “From the heckling to, of course, the racial stuff. There’s a lot of things that they do.”

Other notable teams in the rankings include the Philadelphia 76ers (6.6%), New York Knicks (4%), LA Clippers (4%), and LA Lakers (2.5%). The Clippers and Lakers share Arena as their home court, but the vibe differs depending on the hosting team. Players were asked to clarify which team’s game they were referencing when mentioning the arena.

The poll results imply that players don’t necessarily despise Hornets fans but are disappointed by their low attendance. The same sentiment seems to also applies to Pistons fans.

Surprisingly, the 76ers, known for their passionate fanbase, ranked lower than expected. However, this survey offers a unique insight into NBA players’ perceptions of fanbases across the league and Charlotte Hornets fans are simply the worst according to them.

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