Chris Paul dismantles beliefs that LeBron James will retire soon: ‘I know his discipline’

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Now entering the 19th year of his NBA career, speculations are still swirling that LeBron James will soon hang up his jersey and walk away from the game for the greater good of the next stage of his life.

But in the minds of his good pal Chris Paul, the four-time league MVP remains in prime and slated to suit up for more seasons to come.

Joining in J.J. Reddick’s The Old Man and a Three podcast, Paul is convinced that James will continue to play given his discipline and commitment towards his body and basketball tools

“I’m not surprised by it because I know how he trains,” Paul said. “I know his discipline. … All that stuff you’re seeing, that’s not going away anytime soon. Everybody can stop.

“Once you find something that works, and you know that getting a little older or whatnot, it doesn’t matter,” Paul added. “Bron ain’t slowing down no time soon, so everybody be cool.”

It was reported since then that James is spending $1.5 million annually to keep his body and physique well-sounded. That kind of amount and sheer dedication speaks volume about his willingness to last as an Ironman in the NBA.

LeBron also noted his desire to play with his son Bronny in the NBA, and the intention to be healthy indeed held an amazing purpose. 

James is coming off from a rugged 2021-2022 campaign in which he only played for 56 total regular season games. Father Time may have shown some glimpse to him, but the future hall of famer is certainly a hundred percent focused to bulldoze as much as he can to continue his illustrious career.

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