Celtics PRIDE podcast: it’s a hard knock life as a Boston Celtics fan

Adam and Mike start out by discussing how difficult it is to be a fan of this Celtics team. More specifically, Adam is close to breaking up with this Celtics iteration. Luckily Mike has some sage relationship wisdom. Mike supports his advice by comparing some on the Celtics roster to other players around the league who have improved their standing. Where does Zach LaVine fit in? He continues by sharing lineup data to give some positive indicators for optimism as well as statistics for the past 15 Celtics’ games. Some are potentially shocking. Finally, Adam and Mike answer critical questions about the upcoming trade deadline. Who MUST the Celtics trade before the deadline? Should they trade Marcus Smart? How important is avoiding the Luxury Tax this season?

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Hosts: Adam Motenko, Josh Motenko @coachmotenko and Mike Minkoff, @mikeminkoffnba

Email: at [email protected]

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About Celtics PRIDE Podcast: Co-Hosts Adam Motenko, his identical twin brother Josh Motenko, and their friend Mike Minkoff couldn’t stop talking about the team. Now they supply your need for Boston Celtics content with their regular podcast on CelticsBlog.

They will talk nerdy to you, dissect the players on and off the court, and bicker like only opinionated New Englanders can. It’s like if CelticsBlog made a BasketballJones / Dunc’dOn lovechild.

You will get the coach’s perspective, the capologist’s view, and a healthy dose of advanced and traditional stats that breakdown everything that happened and could happen with the #1 dynasty in the NBA. If you often find yourself reminiscing about the players you grew up watching, or you just need reminders about what “being a Celtic” means to you, this is the podcast for you. This is Celtics PRIDE!

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