Basketball Injuries, Treatment And Prevention

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with an estimated 825 million fans. The game draws enthusiasts from all over the globe because it’s fun to play and has a fast pace, making it an exciting sport, no matter what your experience level. Unfortunately, you can also get hurt and sustain injuries when you run, dribble, jump and shoot. Here are the most common injuries that players experience in a basketball game, and the ways that they are treated and prevented.

Frequent Injuries And Remedies

Injuries to the foot and ankle are prevalent in basketball. These are caused by getting hit or stepped on when scrambling for the ball, or twisting an ankle while running or jumping. Pivoting and rebounding, meanwhile, put an additional burden on the legs and hips that can result in strains on the muscles and ligaments. Knee, wrist and hand injuries are also common, as basketball is a high contact sport. Treatment for injuries to extremities may include icing the affected area, immobilization using a splint or cast, anti-inflammatory drugs, and physical therapy. Surgery to fix the tendons may also be undertaken.

Head, neck, jaw and face injuries may also happen when playing the game. Bumping heads with other players, receiving an accidental blow to the face, or getting whacked with the ball are possibilities that may cause trauma to the head, damage the face, or misalign the jaw. If this happens, it is important to monitor concussion symptoms, as they can lead to a traumatic brain injury. Otherwise, superficial wounds are treated with medication, while light jaw trauma can heal on its own with adequate rest and some pain-relief pills. A doctor can also manually reposition a jaw if it is dislocated. In addition, you can opt for natural ways to correct a misaligned jaw, such as improving posture, facial stretches, and cheek toning.

Preventing Serious Damage

One way of preventing serious foot or ankle injuries is to provide the proper support, such as wearing a good pair of basketball shoes to prevent slips and slides. You can also wrap your ankle in athletic tape to shield it from injuries. Furthermore, warm-up exercises before a game are beneficial in order for you to avoid over-extending and harming yourself while playing. To reduce knee accidents, it is vital to strengthen the muscles in your legs. If you are prone to knee mishaps, wearing a knee brace is a smart option. While there is not a lot that you can do to avoid contact with other players to reduce head or neck injuries, it is critical that you pay attention to the symptoms when you experience trauma to avoid serious complications.

A basketball game, although fun to play, can also cause injuries. Many of the most common injuries are treated with over-the-counter medications, lots of rest, and physical therapy. Prevention measures include wearing the right shoes and braces for support and warm-up exercises.

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