Allen Iverson on LeBron James: “The best overall basketball player”

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson thinks that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has done enough to now be considered the best ever overall.

“LeBron, I think, to me is the best overall basketball player that we’ll ever see,” Iverson told Marc J. Spears of “If you look in the dictionary and look up basketball player, there’ll be a picture of LeBron. But for me it’s so different because Mike (Michael Jordan) was everything to me. He gave me the vision. He made me want to play basketball. He’s my everything.

“I wanted to actually be like him, like the commercial, ‘Be like Mike,’ I really wanted to be him. I’m still starstruck every time I see him. I’m still nervous every time. Because he’s Mike to me. He’s my guy. So there’ll never be no one at the top of my list besides Mike. But LeBron is just everything that you want in a basketball player. He’s a total package. He’s God’s gift to the basketball world.”

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