4 Teams With The Best Odds To Win The 2022 Western Conference Title

While there is so much focus on the NFL right now, it is easy to forget that the NBA also has big things on the horizon. The NBA is probably the second most bet on sport in America, and it has plenty of fans, so let’s not forget what they have going on.

Last year we saw some epic action from the teams, and The Milwaukee Bucks ended their drought with a hardcore win against the Phoenix Suns.

The Phoenix Suns had risen out of a handful of teams to win the Western Conference though, and there is much tension around whether or not they will be able to do it again.

Of course, like it is in any sport, and any team, the health of the team will play a very important role in who is going to end up going home with the Western Conference title this year. So, we want to look at the best odds for the teams.

NBA Finals betting odds can tell us a lot about how the team is doing. A team can be great, but if there are too many injuries odds won’t be looking so hot. It is important to pay attention to the numbers, because not only do they help you in your betting, and let you know what you can win, but they also tell you how a team is doing if you have missed a couple of their games.

Who Has The Best Odds?

So, who has the best odds to win? Well, really it depends on where you look, everyone is looking at the possibilities with a different scope, but what we do know is that there are a select few teams who have great odds across the board.

The Warriors and Suns are right up the top on many of the odds trackers out there, and the Lakers, Clippers, Nuggets, and Mavericks also hold decent odds. The only team we see getting vastly varying odds is Utah Jazz, in some cases we have seen odds of +480, in others it’s been +1200. While these odds are still good, they are not turning up in everyone’s notes.

Let’s take a look at the teams that bookmakers are always putting at the top with a high probability for a win and good odds, even if the odds aren’t always epic, being on everyone’s list is a good sign.


Let’s start with the Lakers. Bets on the Lakers are giving us odds from +1600 to +550, or even +180, however, they are still a favorite to win.

It is not surprising if we are honest, even if the odds are not consistently in their favor, they are a top pick. Of course, the team’s health is a major factor in their play, and last season they were without Anthony Davis for some time and then LeBron ended up out for a while too.

If they can maintain their health and keep their cool they will definitely maintain their tip-to-win status.


Then there are the Warriors. Golden State has glamorous odds all over the place, and honestly, we think that if the Lakers are fighting fit by the Western Conference Championships then the Warriors would be their competition for the title.

They finished in 9th place last season, and heading into this next season we see legend Klay Thompson ready to return long-term. He has missed out on the most part of the last two seasons thanks to injuries, and if he can keep any more at bay, it will help the team a lot.

We are seeing odds of +450, or even +220 across most of the odds trackers. It is worth keeping a keen eye on the warriors, any injuries could hinder these odds, but no-injuries is a sign of potential glory!


The Clippers are in a similar situation to the Lakers when it comes to odds, but they are consistently turning up quite high across the board. We have odds for them ranging from +1100, to +2500 or even +3500.

There have been some rumors of Kawhi Leonard returning to the game this season. In last year’s playoffs he suffered an agonizing torn ACL, sadly though by this point it could be too late.

Depending on how this goes we could see either a winning season or a lost season. There is much anticipation on how things will go for them from here, but their odds are looking up.


The Denver Nuggets have some of the most widespread odds we can see, ranging from success in +1200 odds, all the way to +5000 odds!

We think this is all down to Nikola Joki?. If they did not have him this season then they would be much further down the list, likely in the +2000000 range. However, he is in this season, and there is rumor on the horizon that Jamal Murray and Michael Porter may return to the team for the playoffs in April.

The Nuggets are a dark horse to bet on, but it might actually be worth it. Keep your eyes peeled!

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