Wes Unseld Jr. on Wizards’ recent skid: “Our care factor isn’t always there”

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Back on November 17th, the Washington Wizards were 1st in the Eastern Conference with an impressive 10-4 record.

However, the club has only won 5 games since and now sits in 8th place out East.

With frustrations starting to build more & more with each loss, head coach Wes Unseld Jr. questioned Washington’s care level on defense following their 3rd straight loss last night vs. Sacramento.

(Via Hoop District):

“My message and my frustration is how we’re losing. It’s not the losses, that’s a frustration aside. That’s a given. But, the competitive spirit isn’t always there. The collective mindset isn’t always there. Our care factor isn’t always there. So, that’s my frustration. We were a quality defensive team. I don’t know if we were as good as we were according to the rankings, but we’re definitely not as bad as we’ve been as of late. That’s the bottom line. We haven’t changed anything, it’s just more, do we care enough to make it a priority?”

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