Tobias Harris & Tyrese Maxey say Sixers need to work on ‘mental toughness’ as a group, improve ‘crappy’ body language

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Philadelphia 76ers starters Tobias Harris & Tyrese Maxey believe their team needs to work on mental toughness as a whole.

Harris on what the Sixers need to make that next step:

“Mental toughness. I think so. It’s mental toughness. I think that part of it, I don’t think we have yet. Seeing the Milwaukee game yesterday, that’s a team that’s been through the fire, being able to fight and just keep going. I think, at times, for our group, too many things just affected us as a whole. We drop our heads too much, our body language at times is crappy. And we needed that to be better throughout this series. I think that hurt us in this series. Our mental toughness for sure hurt us vs. that group. And they did a lot of things to challenge that. The hustle plays. The 50/50 basketballs. Everything. The physicality by them as well. We need to be better as a collective group of holding our head and just fighting, just going right back at it. And I don’t think we did a great job of that.”

Maxey responds to Harris’ comments:

“I think Tobias is right with that. Mental toughness is a thing that this team is really going to have to look in the mirror. All of us are going to have to try to gain that mental toughness and be tough within ourselves, and as a group as well. But, I think that’s something that we’ll look at and try to get better at.”

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