Nets Rebuffed 76ers’ One Trade Call On James Harden In Early January

Daryl Morey and Sean Marks have had one direct communication this season, which occurred on January 11th, according to a report from ESPN.

Morey inquired about the possibility of the Philadelphia 76ers trading Ben Simmons for James Harden.

“What about James?”

“James who?” Marks responded.

Brooklyn has both James Harden and James Johnson.

“James Harden.”

“No,” Marks said flatly.

The lack of clarity on Harden’s situation has complicated the situation for the Nets. Harden and his manager have been searching for an agent to partner and navigate the next few months as he could re-sign with the Nets, sign elsewhere as a free agent, opt-in and trade, or a sign-and-trade.

Harden’s private complaints about Nets coaches, teammates and the organization has made its way throughout the league. They are also not entirely out of character for him throughout his career.

Kevin Durant still wants Harden, sources said, but wants a committed Harden. Durant, however, is not telling Brooklyn’s leadership how to navigate the situation.

The Nets and Sixers each believe they have significant leverage on a trade of Harden.

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