Kyrie Irving with high praise for Steph Curry after the Brooklyn Nets’ loss to Warriors: “I mean the guy has completely revolutionized the game”

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Steph Curry hasn’t had his prototypical game on Saturday night, but, Kyrie Irving shared high praise for the Warriors’ superstar after Brooklyn Nets’ a close 106-110 loss in Chase Center.

Irving said that Curry revolutionized the game and push younger players to study his game. He also explained he and Curry have mutual respect for each other growing together in the league.

“I love Steph man, I mean the guy has completely revolutionized the game. Coming into the league as a young man in 2011 and only seeing glimpses of what he was capable of because he wasn’t as healthy in those early 2000’s, so we only see glimpses. But when he caught fire man everybody was on notice, and me as point guard, or just as a lead guard on my team growing up in Cleveland at the time, he was the guy that really set that standard, that catch-and-shooting off the dribble, being able to break down his defenders, being able to take three guys with him everywhere he goes. You wouldn’t be a true student of the game if you’re not watching somebody like that and trying to not only keep up, but challenge his positions,” Irving said.

Irving scored 32 points leading the Nets to a comeback down 17 to fight for the win until the last minute. Brooklyn played without Kevin Durant, Joe Harris and James Harden, who was a late scratch for Steven Nash due to a right-hand injury.

Curry, who had a poor shooting night, took over in the fourth quarter and scored 14 points. He and Klay Thompson combined for the last 17 Warriors’ points with Curry finishing with 19 points, eight assists and seven rebounds.

I think that’s where our mutual respect has really grown, is going against each other has been great but studying each other has been even more of a special bond,” Kyrie continued.

“I see moves he does, and I know he see moves that I do, we’re just leading this next generation that’s coming up behind us. You don’t have to be the athletic guy that’s finishing over the top of the rim, you have young guys doing that, they are the 2.0, they’re able to shoot deep threes and sky over the rim.

But when you look at me and Steph I just feel like we’re able to do things out there that keeps the normal person walking down the street gives them hope that basketball can be for them as well. He’s just able to do so many special things, I can go on and on about Steph but I love that guy, going against him, and having our battles where he’s had 50 on me and I’ve had 30-something on him, win, loss, all the comparisons, all the Instagram pages, all the Twitter feeds, everything that those on into the media of just comparing us, I’ve dealt with it and it’s just like put me in a position to look at him as more of a brother in arms but when were out there on the floor we compete at a high-level.”

The Nets will have to face the league-leading Phoenix Suns Tuesday being on a four-game losing streak after last night’s loss. That was the first of a five-game road trip in which Brooklyn will play against the likes of Phoenix, Sacramento, Utah and Denver.

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