Jazz ‘paying close attention’ on Cavs-Sexton FA situation; Discussed sign-and-trade ideas around explosive guard

As both Collin Sexton and the Cleveland Cavaliers are yet to find an agreement with regards to their future, the Utah Jazz meanwhile are on the sidelines and keen on their ongoing situation. 

Sources told Sam Amicko of Hoops Wire that the Jazz are “paying close attention” in the current negotiations of Sexton and the Cavs, in light of the major rebuild that they are about to commence on next season. 

Added by Amicko, the club is keeping in touch with Cleveland and even opened up a potential sign-and-trade transaction revolving around the explosive guard. 

Recently, Shams Charania of The Athletic has detailed that the discussion about Sexton’s restricted free agency status may reach at the start of training camp or in the 2022-2023 season, with his camp standing uninterested in settling for less than a “starting guard salary.”

It remains a question whether the 23-year-old guard will remain or stay in Ohio. Team insider Chris Fedor has provided last week that Sexton and the Cavs may currently seem at an impasse, after the franchise reportedly offered a near $40 million contract that they believe as only justifiable. As such, Sexton and his brass are convinced that the proposal was less than what they’ve expected. 

Upon trading defensive foundation Rudy Gobert to Minnesota Timberwolves and star piece Donovan Mitchell which is likely sooner, Utah is expected to start from scratch and construct a new era. Their rumored interest in Sexton, who is still young and upcoming, looks ideal as it is. 

Going and grooming Sexton in a huge and long deal might be risky, as he remains off from a season-ending meniscus tear. But if healthy, he is a spectacular scorer who possesses a high upside and explosive motor.

A probable deal has a high chance to transfer Mike Conley Jr. to Cleveland. Numerous rumors from the past says that the Cavaliers are finding a backup for their star general Darius Garland, and the veteran was reportedly on the their radar.

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