Giannis Antetokounmpo stays hot in Greece’s win

“It’s incredibly important to us that Giannis is taking care of himself and not just for us, but for the Greek team in future competitions. We just want him to have a long and healthy career and the federation has been great,” Budenholzer told The Athletic in Athens on Aug. 18. “(Greek national team general manager) Nikos Zizis, he’s been great. Coach Itoudis has been awesome. Getting to know them the last few days has been great. Having Josh (Oppenheimer) on the coaching staff. (Head of strength and conditioning) Suki (Hobson) has been here a lot, (physical therapists) Andrew (Small) and Brett (Bousquet) too.” “It feels like it’s reached a level of cooperation that is pretty high-level. I don’t think we, either side, has really ever had that before, and so it gives you more confidence that he can compete for his national team, which is very important to him, and still be taking care of himself and still be preparing and getting ready for the NBA season, which is the best of both worlds.” -via The Athletic / September 3, 2022

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