Draymond Green Not Concerned About Contract Status, Wants To Play 4-5 More Years

In an interview with Marc J. Spears of Andscape, Draymond Green was asked about rumors he would have interest in being traded by the Golden State Warriors to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I never said that,” said Green. “People can say what they want. I’m also not really one to react much to what one may say. I react to things when I want to react to it. I don’t react to things just because somebody said it.”

Green is up for a contract extension with the Warriors and his future with the franchise is uncertain. Spears asked Green if he is interested in playing his entire career with the Warriors.

“It’s incredible when you look at the amount of guys who’ve played for only one team,” said Green. “You can look around the NBA right now. There are five guys that’s been on a team for 11 years-plus. We have three of them [along with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson]. It’s a very rare thing. There’s 470, 480 players in the NBA? There are five guys that’s been with his team for 11 years plus. That’s amazing. So, you don’t just give that away. So, absolutely I’d be interested in that.

“If you had the opportunity to, you relish that opportunity. But in saying that, I do understand that this is a business. And ultimately, decisions have to be made. I have to make decisions, and you take them as they may. But for me, I’m focused on the season. I’m focused on winning. We let those things play out the way they’re going to play out. Because one thing is for certain, is they play out with time, and time is going to continue to pass. And so, I focus on the present and what I can do right now for this team. All that stuff can happen when it happens.”

Green was asked if he’s concerned about his contract status. Green can become a free agent this offseason if he declines his $27.5 million option. 

“No, not at all. I have a great agent [Rich Paul]. The best agent in the business. That’s why you align yourself with an incredible agent, because they handle the business. I play basketball. That’s what I want.”

Green was also asked how much longer he wants to play in the league.

“I want to play another four or five more years. That would be enough for me.”

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