Daryl Morey Favors 58-Game Regular Season, One-And-Done Playoffs

In an appearance with Colin Cowherd on Volume Sports, Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey proposed radical changes to the NBA schedule. Morey is in favor of changing both the regular season schedule and how the NBA Playoffs are run, in hopes of boosting ratings for both.

After Cowherd suggested shortening the regular season slightly and returning to best-of-five series in the first round of the playoffs, Morey upped the ante.

“You’re too timid, but you gotta go farther,” Morey said. “I like 58. Every team plays every (other) team two times. The playoffs, I 100 percent agree, shorter is better.”

The playoffs are where Morey took things to another level.

“I would have it one-and-done,” Morey said. “There’s a reason everyone tunes into every game at huge ratings in the NFL. It is literally one-and-done. And the NCAA Tournament, in 63 games, gets more money than we do in our entire regular season.”

Morey said the goal should be to surpass the Super Bowl in popularity.

“Any sport should want more games that are close to the Super Bowl,” Morey said. “Nothing’s going to beat the Super Bowl for a little while, though I think the NBA can pass the NFL in my lifetime for sure for their biggest game being a big deal.”


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