Andre Iguodala: If Rasheed Wallace played today, he’d be a Top 5 player and be better than Giannis Antetokounmpo

Speaking on the Point Forward podcast with co-host Evan Turner, Iguodala went on a relatively lengthy rant pertaining to all the negativity that has surrounded the Lakers star. At this point, Iggy could not help but call out all of Westbrook’s haters: “When these headlines hit or certain news hits the wire, sometimes you gotta take a step back and say, ‘Why would this be put out?’” Iguodala said, via NBA reddit. “I get pissed when they always have Russell Westbrook’s news like ‘This package went, they declined it. This team declined Russell Westbrook, this team declined Russell Westbrook… What are you really trying to do to this man? What did he do to y’all? ‘Cause, y’all just constantly keep doing this. What are you trying to accomplish?” -via Clutch Points / July 13, 2022

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